Journal Papers (refereed):

  • Yukitoshi Murase, Koichiro Yoshino and Satoshi Nakamura.
    "Associative Knowledge Feature Vector Inferred on External Knowledge Base for Dialog State Tracking."
    Computer Speech and Language ( Accepted )
    [PDF] [BIBTEX] (to be appear)
  • International Conference and Workshop (refereed):

  • Yukitoshi Murase, Koichiro Yoshino, Masahiro Mizukami and Satoshi Nakamura.
    "Feature Inference Based on Label Propagation on Wikidata Graph for DST."
    International Workshop on Spoken Dialogue System Technology (IWSDS2017), pp.1--12, Farmington, Pennsylvania, USA, 2017
    [PDF] [BIBTEX]
  • Domestic Conference and Workshop (nonrefereed):

  • 村瀬行俊, 吉野幸一郎, 中村哲.
    自然言語処理学会第23回年次大会, Mar. 2018.
  • 村瀬行俊, 吉野幸一郎, 中村哲.
    SIG-SLUD, Oct. 2017.
  • 村瀬行俊, 吉野幸一郎, 水上雅博, 中村哲.
    信学技報, Vol. 116, No. 378, pp. 1-6, Dec. 2016.
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